How Much Will A New Kitchen Cost?

We strongly recommend that you set a budget for the whole project, allowing for a contingency fund of approximately 20% of the total budget. As no matter how well you plan there are always unexpected costs that will inevitably crop up as your project progresses.  There are three main cost elements to consider: the kitchen furniture including worktops, appliances including the sink, tap and lighting, and finally installation including any additional electrical and plumbing work. Do not be afraid to discuss your budget with your retailer early on in your discussions. The more information you share, the better your retailer will be able to meet your expectations. By keeping the budget secret, you could waste a huge amount of time, so be clear when it comes to the money! There is often a fear that if you tell the retailer your budget, that they will meet this figure, even if they could have sold you the kitchen at a cheaper price. This is not true, the kitchen market is very competitive, and retailers understand the need to sell their products at a fair and honest price.   

So how much will your new kitchen cost? This of course impossible to say as there are so many variables, but it could be a lot less than you think. On average UK independent kitchen retailers are selling kitchens between £15,000 to £25,000 including furniture, appliances, worktops, and installation. Of course, a larger kitchen that includes many premium branded appliances will be more expensive than this. If you select anything in the kitchen which is non-standard, this will usually attract a much higher selling price.

Your Mykitchenspecialist will very quickly be able to give you a good idea of what your project is going to cost. If the quotation from the retailer is a little over your budget, don’t panic, go back to your retailer and be honest, there are often simple savings that can be made with little or no impact on the finished result. For example switching from a timber veneer to a timber effect kitchen door or by selecting another worktop finish. The kitchen will look almost identical, but this switch could save you 25% on the total cost. Often a few simple changes can make a big difference to the final cost. 

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