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Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Kitchen Cabinet Options – Choice, Aesthetics, and Functionality  

When buying a kitchen and especially when planning a new kitchen, there are many decisions to be made. In fact, when it comes to kitchen cabinets alone, you have a wide range of options to consider in deciding the best type of cupboards to suit your home, lifestyle and needs. So, to help you in making your decisions, here the Kitchen Specialists give an explanation of the different properties and advantages of kitchen wall cabinets, tall cabinets, base cabinets, corner cabinets, and more…  

Base Kitchen Cabinets 

No kitchen equipment can do without the classic among the cupboards, and the base kitchen cabinet is the most versatile of the kitchen cabinets. Sometimes a cooker and dishwasher are integrated within the base cabinets. They carry the work surface, the cooking area and the integrated sink, whilst also offering plenty of storage space.  Pots and pans are often kept in the base cabinet, as it is ideal for heavy kitchen utensils. Whether you choose a drawer or pull-out cabinet is entirely up to you. 

Pull Out Kitchen Drawers  

Pull out kitchen drawers are easy to open, presenting the contents such as cutlery and other kitchen utensils. Access is convenient and makes workflows easier. You also have a view from above in the pull-out, while cabinets with doors do not provide the best possible view and access. 

Upper Kitchen Cupboards  

The upper kitchen cupboard or wall cupboard is attached to the wall so that you can store lighter kitchen utensils such as all kinds of glasses, plates, and cups in it. Doors that slide upwards simply by touching them or by pressing a button are stylish, high-class, and very much in demand within modern kitchen design.   

Upper kitchen cabinets at eye level facilitate quick access to crockery and supplies. In addition, they can be equipped with an extractor hood or a niche for a microwave oven, or are particularly attractive with integrated lighting solutions. There are also add-on cupboards that offer additional storage space on the left or right at the end of the kitchen worktop. 

Tall Kitchen Cabinets 

The tall kitchen cabinet is the all-rounder among cabinets, and there should be at least one in every kitchen. It is usually placed on the edge of the kitchen unit and is high enough to store cleaning supplies, irons, brooms, and vacuum cleaners. Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, steam cookers and/or microwaves are also installed in the tall cabinets.  

Kitchen Corner Units

Depending on requirements there are functional kitchen cabinets and solutions available for corner base and wall cabinets such as le mans pull out corner units. These are perfect for using the otherwise unused kitchen corners for extra storage space and are ideal for kitchen appliances that you do not use very often. Corner kitchen cupboards have become indispensable in L- and U-shaped kitchens.

There are also imaginative solutions such as kitchen drawers for the base and tall cabinets. These are integrated, offering the best possible sorting options with different compartments and boxes so that you quickly and easily have what you need at hand.  

Decorative as well as Functional Kitchen Cabinets 

The kitchen cupboard is no longer just a means to an end. On the one hand, it can be optically enhanced with decorative, high-quality door fronts and on the other hand, with luxurious display cabinets. Not only do display cabinets offer a beautiful sight, but they also act as a grand entrance for high-quality wine and champagne glasses, or valuable crockery. Display kitchen cabinets can also be upgraded with tasteful and effective lighting.

Ergonomic Kitchen Choices

The right kitchen cabinets give the kitchen a stylish look, but they also set the workflow, with ergonomics proving an important part of the selection process. For example, base cabinets can be adjusted to the individually required working height, or new wall cabinets surprise with a lowering solution, so that even shorter people can reach everything in them.

To be able to use the kitchen space ideally and to obtain the greatest possible storage space, kitchen cabinets can also be adapted in width to the individual circumstances, in some cases already standardized. For example, there are variants of base and wall cabinets from a narrow 15cm up to a spacious width of 120cm, and which vary between 30cm and 60cm in width. 

The Conclusion of the Kitchen Specialists

Finding the right kitchen cabinets these days is not a problem as even for the smallest room you will find a choice of sizes, finishes and functionality to suit your need. We kitchen specialists have found that anything is possible, and we look forward to working with you to plan the best solution for your kitchen and your everyday needs.

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