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Sustainable Kitchens

What is a sustainable kitchen?

As kitchen specialists, we are always asked what exactly constitutes a sustainable kitchen. In general, sustainability describes the principle of not consuming more than is generated, through a conscious process of regeneration or new growth. For the extraction of wood for use within kitchens, this means that trees are removed from a forest as part of well-thought-out forestry, while new trees are planted and cared for elsewhere. Taking responsibility and conserving resources is now a major concern for all kitchen manufacturers, with a crucial role in ensuring sustainable production.

Benefits of a sustainable kitchen – quality, durability, and good health!

A sustainable kitchen has many advantages for the environment, but also for you, because high-quality and durable materials are used, ensuring a lasting kitchen you can enjoy for many years ahead! The exposure to environmental toxins is also reduced to a minimum, which is an advantage for your health- and a key benefit not to be underestimated.

Characteristics of a sustainable kitchen

In the sustainable kitchen, natural materials should be used for furniture, floors and walls. Stone, wood and other natural building materials give the kitchen a stylish, elegant look. Such materials also tend to exude a natural warmth, which is perfect for the kitchen space as the heart of your family home! Solid wood fronts are back on trend for kitchen design, which is unsurprising given the number of people turning to a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle is increasing. Especially when it comes to furniture, there is an increasing awareness of natural materials and they are highly desirable within kitchen design.

Sustainable kitchen production

Sustainable kitchen production incorporating natural building materials means that nature is not harmed by extraction! Therefore, when it comes to wood, make sure that it comes from sustainable forestry. You can recognize this by the FSC seal or PEFC seal, which ensures that the manufacturer is certified accordingly and thus ensures sustainable kitchen processes of required standard.

Durable kitchen products

Sustainability also means not having to buy or replace new kitchen appliances, furniture, and worktop materials every few years. Pay attention to quality when buying because this differs significantly between different brands. It will often pay off in the long run to spend a bit more in the first instance, ensuring quality, furniture, worktops, and electrical appliances that can withstand the pressures of everyday life long-term.

Low kitchen consumption

When purchasing electrical appliances, it is worth taking a close look at the energy rating and consumption of your preferred models. This will allow you to use as little electricity as possible, protecting the environment –as well as your pocket! Energy efficiency classes give you information about the consumption of your appliances. In case of doubt, preference should be given to the kitchen device that works most energy-efficiently, so long as it fits within your project’s budget.

High functionality in a sustainable kitchen

Sustainability is not limited to the planning and manufacture materials within your kitchen but can also include the way in which the kitchen is used. For example, make sure there are sensible food storage options so you can minimise how much food you have to throw away. There are also different systems for keeping shopping lists, so you always have enough at home and do not run the risk of ‘doubling up,’ with a lot of it going to waste. Under certain circumstances, modern software, apps and appliances can also provide sustainable support here.

Made to measure or off the rack kitchen planning?

Customers often think that sustainability in the construction of the kitchen can only be guaranteed if the kitchen furniture is individually manufactured by a carpenter. In addition to the significantly higher costs, there are many arguments against this solution and in favour of going to a specialist kitchen designer. Here, too, the realization of even unusual wishes is not a problem but are part of the kitchen design service promising to create a unique and highly personalised kitchen design.  

Unusual and individual requirements are well cared for with the help of a professional designer, because here we can draw on the knowledge of large-scale production and the experience from countless projects.

A kitchen that you will enjoy for a long time

Another plus point of sustainable building is that you do not have to renovate your sustainable kitchen after just a few years. To do so is not particularly sustainable but also a burden on both time and finances. Therefore, as already mentioned, you should take care to buy high-quality building materials and equipment that will serve their purpose for many years. 

Kitchen functionality also plays an important role when you plan for the long term.

When it comes to the kitchen design, you should also try to choose a design you feel sure you will like for the long term. Especially when it comes to extravagant trends, there is a risk that they will quickly go out of fashion and appear dated, or out of place. On the other hand, a modern but comparatively plain design that can be changed quickly and easily with small accessories is more suitable. In this way, you can quickly give your kitchen a fresh new look, but without requiring complex work or using a lot of material. 

When planning your sustainable kitchen it is important to find the optimal balance between extravagance and durability, and thus to realize your dream kitchen. Rely on the expertise and experience of the kitchen specialists who have already realized many dream kitchens. 

Sustainable kitchen building is not a competition

Unfortunately, in online forums on the topic of sustainability, there are sometimes unpleasant discussions, and not only in the kitchen. It may not be environmentally friendly enough for one or the other user, but even sustainable construction cannot do without leaving an ecological footprint. Therefore, now is the right time to plan the design of the sustainable kitchen accordingly. We will be happy to support you with solutions on how you can reduce this as best as possible. It is a matter of taste and should always be decided individually whether it must be absolute minimalism or whether modern living includes certain luxury devices and equipment that is not necessary. 

Talk to us about your ideas for sustainability within your kitchen, which aspects are especially important to you. Together with you, we kitchen specialists will find the right kitchen manufacturer and the right solution, so that you can fully engage in sustainable kitchen planning.

The conclusion of the kitchen specialists

As well as environmental benefits from sustainable kitchens, ecological considerations play a key role in the planning of sustainable kitchens. You will also benefit if you are planning such a construction. For example, you can save on electricity costs if your kitchen appliances work in an energy-efficient manner. The longevity of the sustainable kitchen materials and appliances is also a big plus, because there is a high probability that you will not have to worry about repairs or renovation work for a long time after completing your dream sustainable kitchen. 

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