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How to Bring a Modern Twist to your Shaker Kitchen Design

Shaker kitchens have enjoyed long-term popularity due to their minimalistic and clean design. Traditional Shaker kitchens, whose name originates from an 18th century religious group, are characterised by natural materials and a simplistic design. If you’ve had the same traditional Shaker kitchen for some time, you may be looking for ways to modernise it. With bold colours and sleek surfaces currently in fashion, your Shaker kitchen might be looking a bit plain in comparison. Not to worry! Below you will find tips ranging from simple embellishments to more elaborate changes that can elevate the look and feel of your kitchen. You’ll find there are many options that guarantee a more unique and modern Shaker kitchen design!

Upgrade your cabinets

One quick and simple way to add a modern flair to your Shaker kitchen is to personalise your kitchen cabinets. Upgrading the handles on your cabinets and drawers will instantly transform your kitchen and make it appear more unique. Your Shaker kitchen handles are likely made out of “traditional” looking metals, such as brass, nickel or steel. If you want your kitchen to look more modern, it should be easy enough to swap out these handles for different ones. Try installing handles that are made out of matt aluminium or copper. These materials are very much in style currently, and will instantly help your Shaker kitchen appear more modern!

You can also experiment with completely different materials, such as glass, crystal, or even plastic for your handles. These can add an eye-catching element to your kitchen and certainly help upgrade your traditional Shaker look. As for the style of the handles, replacing simple handles with flat bars can already elevate your kitchen to a more fashionable status. The same goes for using knobs or interesting shapes that you pick out yourself. Feel free to play around with your handles to add the perfect twist you’re looking for in your modern Shaker kitchen!

Add a splash of colour to achieve a modern Shaker kitchen design

Another innovative way to make your Shaker kitchen appear more modern is to paint certain elements. For example, if your kitchen has always been mostly white or grey, incorporating bold pops of colour will not only add versatility to the space, but also give it a modern edge. Two options that have been very fashionable lately are deep blues or sage greens. Adding colours like these to your cabinet doors would instantly revitalise the space. You can even incorporate these by painting your walls a colour that stands out against your Shaker kitchen design.

If that’s too much commitment for you, consider painting smaller kitchen elements. You can always add splashes of colour to specific tiles or light fixtures for a subtle contemporary upgrade. If you’re adding minimal touches, consider using bright and bold colours, like lemon yellow or pastel pink. Incorporating these throughout your kitchen will brighten up the space and bring everything together to create a modern feel.

Get creative with storage in your modern Shaker kitchen

A recent modern kitchen trend is optimising storage space. If you can find clever ways to maximise on your Shaker kitchen’s storage space, you are guaranteed to have a modernised kitchen in no time. You might find that your appliances often clutter your countertops. Consider building little “appliance garages” for easy storage! This way, your appliance is within reach in case of everyday use but doesn’t draw attention away from your kitchen’s aesthetic. Also consider if there are any spaces between cabinets where you could add an extra shelf or rack so as to free up space on your surfaces. By de-cluttering your countertops and using storage creatively, you can achieve the sleek and spacious look that is associated with modern kitchens.

Modernise your Shaker kitchen countertops

If you have the means, a creative way to ensure a modern Shaker kitchen is by changing the material of your countertops. Countertops take up a lot of space in your kitchen, and traditional Shaker countertops made out of cheap and simple materials can often give your kitchen a generally outdated look. Your Shaker kitchen’s work surfaces can be spruced up by using materials like marble, granite or quartz. Each of these is very much in style, and incorporating them into your modern Shaker kitchen plans will do wonders in terms of creating a contemporary atmosphere.

Consider a kitchen island for your modern Shaker kitchen

In case you’re looking to modernise a larger Shaker kitchen, try incorporating a multi-purpose kitchen island. Kitchen islands are extremely popular right now, particularly those that include living room elements, such as comfortable seating. Building a sleek kitchen island and adding seating for when you have guests over is a perfect way to achieve a modern Shaker kitchen look. It instantly draws attention to it and gives the impression of a fashionable kitchen, even if the surrounding elements look more traditional. A multi-purpose kitchen island is additionally a great way to maximise on storage space, as you can incorporate cabinets that would house your appliances. A kitchen island is not only practical but also guaranteed to make your Shaker kitchen look trendy.

Add decorative or ornamental elements for a modern flair

A modern Shaker kitchen aesthetic can also be achieved without extensively changing the materials already in your kitchen. Try adding personalised touches and embellishments throughout your Shaker kitchen. This not only brightens up the space but will quickly make it appear more fashionable. You can achieve this by incorporating contemporary art pieces or ornaments on your walls, for example. You can also experiment with your light fixtures; sometimes adding a colourful and quirky lamp is enough to add a contemporary twist to your traditional Shaker kitchen! Geometric shapes are currently in style, and adding these to your wallpaper or decorations could instantly modernise an otherwise simple kitchen design.

Whether you swap out your traditional handles for more modern materials, or incorporate eye-catching art throughout your kitchen, there is no shortage of options when it comes to creating a modern Shaker kitchen. How much you want to change is up to you! Add subtle splashes of colour for a less extravagant effect, or install a kitchen island and colourful cabinets for an instantly recognizable modern twist!

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