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What Colours go Best with Grey Kitchen Units? 

With grey kitchen units being all the rage right now, you may be looking for a colour scheme or aesthetic that would perfectly complement this décor choice. Grey is extremely versatile and has a wide range of tones, which makes it ideal for mixing and matching. There are many different colours and materials that would go perfectly with grey kitchen units to help you create your unique kitchen. With this in mind here are some popular suggestions for how best to compliment and accessorise with your elegant grey kitchen units.  

Embrace the Grey 
One way to elevate the look of a grey kitchen is to embrace the versatile nature of grey itself. “Grey” can in fact encompass many different shades that you can play around with. Cooler greys with hints of blue or lavender in them can offer a sleek and sophisticated character to your kitchen. On the other hand, warmer greys that verge on beige can make your kitchen appear warm and inviting. Sometimes, pairing cool-toned greys with warmer greys is enough to add that extra flair. Similarly, you can experiment with opposite ends of the colour spectrum by pairing a dark, granite shade with a softer grey, creating an eye-catching contrast. Here, you can also play around with different materials, such as having your grey kitchen unit rest on a polished concrete floor.  

Grey Kitchen Units With Classic Black and White 
Pairing your grey kitchen units with either black or white accents is one way to take advantage of simple, yet timeless combinations. Incorporating white into an otherwise grey kitchen can help brighten up the space and often creates the illusion of depth. You can always use off-white elements to complement the grey, or even pure white elements to stand out. Alternatively, a black backsplash or even black tiling can give your grey kitchen an edge. A black kitchen aesthetic adds a certain sophistication to the space and works best if you have a large kitchen to work with. You can even combine all three in a monochromatic experiment, using black, white and every shade of grey in between!  

Grey Kitchen Units with Wood Materials 
Another trendy way to enrich your grey kitchen units is to make use of complimentary wood materials. Incorporating materials such as oak or timber throughout your kitchen brings a touch of warmth if you are using cooler grey tones. For example: a rich, dark walnut floor will make your grey kitchen feel warmer, softer and more welcoming. Natural wood embellishments and accents might similarly bring your kitchen to life. Wood has the added benefit of creating a rustic feel to counteract an impersonal or clinical space. You can even incorporate stained wood, using colours like ash white or charcoal black. This way, you can enhance your grey kitchen elements with a black and white aesthetic while still using natural materials.  

The Power of Pastels 
One way to bring light and a playfulness into a grey colour scheme is with pastel tones. Touches of blush pink on your cabinets or appliances add a pop of colour to your kitchen without creating too much of a contrast. Similarly, powder blue or mint green can complement your kitchen perfectly if you are already using cool blue-grey tones. You can definitely experiment with different shades of green, such as sage green, or else even the presence of houseplants can give your grey kitchen design an earthy, expressive feel. Additionally, if you’re going for more of an earthy kitchen aesthetic, this can also be achieved through pairing with a rich, rustic red kitchen tone.  

Grey Kitchen Units with Orange and Yellow 
Alternatively, you can also go the other way and incorporate vibrant yellows or oranges into your colour scheme. A simple grey kitchen aesthetic could be given an artsy and cheerful atmosphere with a splash of lemon yellow or burnt orange. These bright colours will contribute a positive energy and vitality to your kitchen.   

Make it Metallic 
If black, white, or touches of colour aren’t for you, another option would be to choose from a range of metallic kitchen tones and accents to bring a unique flair to your kitchen aesthetic. Metallic pieces with matt finishes are very on trend, and they can definitely help accentuate a grey kitchen look. Gold, silver, copper, bronze – these are all ideal for breaking the monotony of a grey kitchen without adding too much vibrancy or contrast.  

Talk to a Kitchen Specialist 
Still wondering how you can achieve the perfect grey kitchen aesthetic? …For help in choosing grey kitchen units and complimentary colours to suit your home, lifestyle and budget requirements, talk to your local Kitchen Specialist Today. 

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