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10 Great Reasons To Green Light A New Kitchen Renovation! 

Have you been contemplating a kitchen renovation but are hesitant to take the final step? A full kitchen makeover can seem daunting, but planning a brand new kitchen design comes with many benefits, and it gives you the opportunity to create the ideal kitchen you’ve always dreamed of! Below, the Kitchen Specialists delve into the different reasons why you should seriously consider green lighting a new kitchen renovation.  

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1. Improve Your Kitchen’s Functionality 

One of the biggest reasons you might want to consider a new kitchen renovation is when your existing kitchen simply isn’t functional anymore. Over time, it’s inevitable that your kitchen will succumb to everyday wear and tear and stop functioning as it used to. This can be frustrating since you use this area everyday, and certain cabinets, drawers or appliances not working can become an unnecessary hindrance to common tasks. A new kitchen makeover ensures that every element is installed in peak condition, making your kitchen a joy to use and spend time in for years to come.  

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2. Your Current Kitchen Isn’t Sustainable 

In recent years, it’s become increasingly more important for homeowners to lead a sustainable lifestyle, which starts with having an eco-friendly kitchen! Unfortunately, most older appliances have a high energy usage and are less likely to be environmentally friendly. A fresh kitchen upgrade would allow you to install appliances that are more energy efficient, and you could utilise materials that are sustainably sourced, such as recycled wood or stone. A new kitchen will also allow you to incorporate green practices in the design itself, such as designated recycling and composting systems.  

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3. You Want To Maximise Space 

A kitchen makeover is a great opportunity to design a kitchen that makes the most of your available space! If you currently have an older kitchen, it’s possible the units aren’t utilising your space as efficiently as they could be. This is because it’s often difficult to make use of corner spaces or other awkward layouts. However, enlisting the help of professional kitchen designers and installers for your kitchen renovation will ensure a kitchen that fits seamlessly into your space. There have also been helpful advancements in recent years when it comes to storage solutions, such as clever corner storage or pantry larder units. A kitchen renovation gives you the chance to utilise the latest innovations to maximise as much space as possible in your kitchen! 

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4. Your Kitchen Doesn’t Reflect Your Style 

If you haven’t renovated your kitchen in several years, it’s likely that the overall design simply doesn’t reflect your tastes or personality anymore. Since you spend so much time in your kitchen, it’s important to create a space that reflects your current design sensibilities, where you can truly savour everyday tasks. A full kitchen makeover is the perfect chance to completely redesign your space so that it aligns with your current style. A professional kitchen designer typically knows the right questions to ask in order to find your ideal look and layout that adheres to your vision while still remaining functional.  

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5. You Want To Accommodate a Larger Family 

A very common reason many homeowners want to renovate their kitchen is to have a space that meets their changing needs. If you have a growing family, you might realise that your current kitchen is beginning to feel small or struggling to handle the demands of a busy household. With a comprehensive kitchen upgrade, you’ll be able to expand your space to ensure it meets the needs of each family member. If you find yourself struggling for space, your renovation can include a kitchen extension to open up the area. A kitchen renovation is also a great chance to implement more family-friendly elements, such as child safety locks on appliances if you have small children that are starting to explore.   

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6. You Want To Modernise Your Dated Kitchen 

If you haven’t renovated your kitchen in quite some time, it’s likely starting to look dated and worn. If you’re someone who likes to stay at the forefront of the latest kitchen design trends, a kitchen renovation presents the ideal opportunity to implement the latest innovations into your space for a modern-looking kitchen that reflects current styles. For example, you might want to change out your handled cabinets for sleek handleless kitchen doors to create a much more contemporary and sophisticated look, or change up the colours to something less conventional.  

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7. You Want To Sell Your House in the Future 

If you’re planning on selling your house at some point in the future, a kitchen renovation is an ideal way to significantly increase the value of your property! Many potential buyers are seeking a modern kitchen that won’t need renovating for years to come, and are less likely to invest in a property where the kitchen looks dated and shows visible wear and tear. Upgrading your kitchen means you’ll enjoy the benefits of a modern kitchen design, and you can ensure additional value for your home whenever you choose to sell your property, making a kitchen renovation a worthwhile long-term investment. 

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8. You Want To Create Your Dream Kitchen 

Another reason most homeowners renovate their kitchen is because they want to create their ultimate kitchen space. It’s natural to want a kitchen that’s uniquely yours, with all the elements you’ve always dreamed of having in your home! A complete kitchen makeover allows you to start fresh and implement features that will truly improve your daily life. Whether it’s appliances that are more aligned with your cooking habits or a brand-new kitchen island where friends and family can gather, a kitchen upgrade is your chance to include it all! 

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9. Incorporate Smart Appliances with a Kitchen Renovation 

Alongside including the latest trends and storage solutions in your new and improved kitchen, a kitchen renovation is also a good idea if you want to upgrade your appliances. Older appliances are not as efficient and often don’t include the latest Smart features, which have become a hallmark of most modern kitchen designs. A full kitchen upgrade will give you a chance to choose specific Smart appliances according to your needs, making for a new kitchen that not only looks sleek and sophisticated, but one that can also greatly enhance your daily life.  

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10. Upgrade To a Safer Kitchen Environment 

Planning a kitchen renovation gives you the chance to prioritise safety in your new kitchen,  which is especially paramount if you’re part of a busy household with lots of children. Upgrading to a safer kitchen layout can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and improve your kitchen’s ergonomics to make it more user-friendly. Consider the ‘work triangle’ concept to ensure a smooth workflow between your refrigerator, stove, and sink, which can help minimise spills and mishaps. You could also install non-slip flooring and fire-resistant materials to prevent any accidents.   

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Start Planning Your New Kitchen Renovation Today 

Though planning a new kitchen comes with its own set of challenges, it’s clear that a comprehensive kitchen upgrade is certainly worthwhile if you’ve been struggling with a worn and dated kitchen. Renovating your space with the help of an expert designer will ensure a kitchen with improved functionality that meets your changing needs and reflects your personality! 

To start planning your new kitchen renovation, reach out to your nearest Kitchen Specialist today! 

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